Mezzanine Boards Product Archive

Here you will find in alphabetical order all Mezzanine products distributed by setod electronics in the past. The products listed here are in status NV (No longer available) or EOL (End of Life, remaining stocks may still be available).

We will be happy to continue repairing our older products for you at a reasonable price, as far as possible.

Feel free to contact us if you need a product from our archive as a spare part. For some products we can recommend suitable successor products. We are also happy to help you update your old equipment and develop compatible successors for you.


PowerPC™ PrPMC Module with Ethernet and CAN

  • PowerPC AMCC PPC 405GPr, 400 MHz, 32 bit

  • Ethernet IEEE 802.3, 100BASE-TX, 10/100 Mbit/s

  • 2 CAN interfaces, TTL-level signals via PMC-I/O connector, PIM adapter module available

Order no. Order item
V.2020.02 PMC-CPU/405
V.2020.03 PMC-CPU/405-DE Dual Ethernet


PowerPC™ PrPMC Module with Gigabit Ethernet, USB and CAN/CANopen

  • 2x 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet

  • USB 2.0 high-speed interface, host or device

  • RS-232 access via PMC-I/O connector

Order no. Order item
V.2027.02 PMC-CPU/440 2xGigEth 2xCAN 533
V.2027.03 PMC-CPU/440 2xGigEth 2xCAN 667
V.2027.04 PMC-CPU/440 2xGigEth 2xCAN 667
V.2027.05 PMC-CPU/440 2xGigEth 2xCAN 533
V.2027.30 PMC-CPU/440-VxW BSP Adaption
V.2027.32 PMC-CPU/440-Linux BSP
V.2027.33 PMC-CPU/440-QNX BSP


DVI-Graphics Board

  • PMC board according to PCI Mezzanine Card specification

  • 69030 graphics controller

  • Resolution up to 1600x1200x16 bits per pixel


Order no. Order item
V.2022.02 PMC-DVI
V.2022.10 PMC-DVI-Adapterkabel 2*PS2


Dual Ethernet PMC Module

  • 2 Ethernet ports

  • 100BASE-TX (IEEE802.3)

  • Full duplex operation

Order no. Order item
V.2086.01 PMC-ETH2
V.2088.01 PMC-ETH2/GB-RJ45


FIFO Inputs, TTL Inputs and Outputs

  • 2x 16 FIFO inputs (each either 4 K or 16 K depth, receiver 74LS244)

  • FIFO outputs 2x FIFO-Full-Flag

  • Interrupts at Empty, Half-Full or Full FIFO

Order no. Order item
V.2010.01 PMC-FIFO Schnelles Digital I/O
V.2010.10 PMC-FIFO-16k/16


XMC/PMC Quad Core PowerPC™ CPU with FPGA

  • Freescale™ PowerPC™ QorIQ P2041, 1.2 GHz, Double Precision Floating Point
    Unit, Ethernet, ECC-RAM

  • Xilinx® FPGA Spartan® 6 XC6LXT-45T for local applications

  • 2x Ethernet, 1x USB 2.0

Order no. Order item
V.2029.01 XMC-CPU/2041
V.2029.57 XMC-CPU/2041-Linux BSP (Bundle
V.2029.58 XMC-CPU/2041-VxW BSP (Bundle)

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