CANopen® Module with 4 Analog Inputs


  • Voltage or current measurement

  • Resolution 12 bits

  • Sample rate: 200 samples/s

  • User selectable input range:

    • 0...10 V
    • ±10 V
    • 0...20 mA
  • Power supply: 18 V...30 V

  • CANopen profiles acc. to CiA® specification CiA 301, CiA 401

  • Compact top-hat rail module (DIN-EN rail mounting)

Industry-compliant Design

The analog inputs are connected via screw/terminal connectors (COMBICON), which, in the shape of ‘standing wiring’, guarantee an easy and safe handling while being low-cost at the same time. The inputs of the CBM-AI4 module can be individually set (unipolar, bipolar, current input) for each channel via DIP switches and software (CANopen Protocol). The case is safety class IP 20.


The electrically isolated physical CAN layer has been designed in accordance with ISO 11898 and allows data-transfer rates of up to 1 Mbit/s. It is connected via screw/plug connectors.

Intelligent Microcontroller

The CBM-AI4 module has been designed with an SAB80C515C micro controller with integrated CAN-2.0B interface and firmware EPROM. An external EEPROM is used to store the module configuration.

Address of the CANbloc Module

The setting of the CAN device address is done by the coding switch.

CAN Protocols

The CANbloc-Mini module is operating with CANopen in accordance with CiA-DS401 in the default state.

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Number: C.2831.02

CANopen module, 4 analog inputs, 0...10V / 0...20mA, 12 Bit resolution, CAN interface ISO11898-2 electrical isolated

  • CiA 301 compliant
  • CiA 401 profile
  • galvanically isolated
  • CAN
  • CANopen Device
Form factor: Railmount  
  • Analog Input
  • CAN-Layer 2
  • CANopen
HS Code: 85176200