RTX / RTX64 Support

Hard Real-time Subsystem Extension Plug-In to Microsoft Windows®

RTX/RTX64 Drivers and Stacks from an experienced Solution Partner

  • CAN device driver

  • CANopen® and J1939 protocol stacks

  • EtherCAT® support

Support, Training and Workshops

Customer specific Software Development

With years of experience we offer

CAN Device Driver

setod offers IntervalZero RTX/RTX64 device drivers for CAN boards and for various hardware systems, e.g.:


EtherCAT Support

setod offers a comprehensive range of EtherCAT hardware, software and services including a master and slave stack implementation which can be seamlessly integrated with the network configuration tool EtherCAT Workbench.

Customer specific Software Development

Among our standard products, setod offers customer specific software solutions based on RTX. Please contact our sales team.

Support, Training and Workshops

Stand to benefit from the know-how of our specialists: setod offers practical workshops for the real-time operating system RTX/RTX64. We draw up individual instruction material, based on your requirements. Please contact our support team.

Supported RTX/RTX64 Versions

setod supports RTX 2011 /2012 /2016 and RTX64 2014 /3.x with device drivers for setod PC hardware and additional protocol stacks for CAN/CANopen products and EtherCAT products.

Do you miss RTX/RTX64 support for specific setod products?

setod's software support for RTX/RTX64 is subject of continuous development. For missing RTX/RTX64 support  and for customer specific software solutions, pleace contact our support team. We will send you the required software or find a different solution based on your requirements.

About RTX/RTX64

RTX/RTX64 delivers real-time capability for direct control of embedded hardware and relies on Microsoft Windows® to deliver the world-class Windows user experience.  IntervalZero Inc. develops the RTX/RTX64 software that provides hard real-time capabilities that meet the needs of embedded technology markets. IntervalZero simplifies the creation of embedded systems by taking advantage of the Windows Win32 API development environment to achieve deterministic hardware control and an excellent end-user experience.

Solutions that rely on IntervalZero’s embedded software are deployed world-wide - primarily in the Industrial Automation, Military/Aerospace, Digital Audio, Medical Device, and Test & Measurement markets. Founded in 1980 as VenturCom, IntervalZero is headquartered in Waltham, MA, and operates across North America, Europe and Asia. More information can be found at www.IntervalZero.com.

setod is a long-standing solution partner of IntervalZero for CAN fieldbus connectivity and Industrial Ethernet.

  • Hard real-time operating system for embedded solutions

  • Native SMP support on x86/x64 multi-core processors

  • Development of x86/x64 based soft-control architectures

  • Relies on Microsoft Windows

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