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More than 20 Years of Experience with Windows Operating Systems

  • Extensive expertise in kernel mode device driver development

  • Comprehensive know-how in all areas of user mode software

  • Windows Embedded Expertise

Support, Training and Workshops

Customer specific Software Development

Windows System and Application Software Development

Kernel Mode

Writing robust kernel mode device driver is a complex field. setod gained extensive experience in this area over the last 20+ years with all Windows operating systems for the common bus architectures (PCI, PCI EXPRESS®, USB, Ethernet,..) developing device drivers for our CAN interface boards. Due to the support of Industrial Real-time Ethernet our engineers also have a vast experience with the NDIS driver model.

User Mode

Communication and Protocol Stacks

Based on more than 25 years of experience in embedded software development we offer for most of our supported platforms, robust, performat and industry-proven protocol stacks for CAN (CANopen®, J1939, ARINC825, ...), EtherCAT® and other fieldbusses also for Windows.


In order to integrate setod products easier into 3rd party applications we offer middleware components to support common standards like OPC or development tools like National Instruments LabVIEW®. Furthermore setod provides the integration to standard Conformance Tests (CANopen, DeviceNet™, ...).

Application Development

setod has a rich experience in developing complex Windows GUI applications in C# based on the Microsoft .NET framework (like the EtherCAT Workbench) as well as rich experiences with the cross-platform QT framework (C/C++). The application design is object-oriented and covers all areas from ergonomic UI development, custom widget design to database access.

Customer specific Software Development

In addition to our standard products we have implemented many custom specific solutions as an engineering service. Our customers profit from our vast experience in all areas of Windows software development with reduced product development costs and a faster time-to-market. Please contact our sales team.

Support, Training and Workshops

  • setod offers training courses that are especially suited for setod's off-the-shelf or customized projects.
  • setod provides long term support for drivers and software.
  • Support and training is provided by setod's highly motivated and experienced engineers and developer team.
  • Please contact our support team.

Windows Embedded Expertise

setod focuses on different aspects of software engineering for Microsoft Windows Compact 7 (formerly CE) since 1998. This covers kernel and user mode software as well as hardware design and Board Support Package (BSP) development for setod products like the OTC-570.

Do you miss Windows support for specific setod products?

setod's software support for Windows is subject of continuous development. For missing support and for customer specific software solutions, pleace contact our support team. We will send you the required software or find a different solution based on your requirements.

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