VMEbus technology

Multi-master bus system for industrial controls in 19" form factor

Proven bus system with a long history

The term VMEbus refers to a multi-master bus system for industrial controls in 19" racks. The portfolio of setod includes many standard components, but also customer specific developments. These include VME boards such as the VME-CPU/T10 with reliable PowerPC architecture and the VME-DIO32 as an easy-to-use IO board. Mezzanine cards have been developed to extend the VMEbus via carriers. Particularly worth mentioning are the XMC-CPU/Zulu with FPGA-SoC or the PMC-CAN/402 as a high-performance CAN interface. With these components and developments according to customer requirements, existing VMEbus systems can be extended in many ways and thus kept at the "state of the art".

Ausschnitt mit einigen VMEbus Boards von setod

Fields of application of the VMEbus

The VMEbus is primarily used in applications with increased safety and reliability requirements, such as the Transrapid, the ISS or the European navigation system Galileo. It can also be seen in systems in the maritime environment, in medical technology and in military applications. A strong driver for the VMEbus as a reliable and long-term system is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, better known as CERN. It continues to rely on VMEbus-based systems to control its facilities.

VMEbus at setod still with a future

The VMEbus is a proven technology that can still be found in many plants. Due to the long lifetime of these systems, many components, either for new systems or as spare parts, are difficult to procure. setod faces this problem with many years of expertise and develops suitable and compatible replacement components. While other manufacturers discontinue their VME products, setod has launched new future-proof CPU and IO boards. One requirement was that the new boards should also be compatible with the discontinued products of other market competitors. This allows many systems developed over a long period of time to continue to be operated in the future.

Customized developments

We develop and manufacture VMEbus boards according to customer specifications for individual applications. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience with VMEbus systems. For discontinued boards, also from other manufacturers, we offer replicas so that systems designed for the long term can continue to be operated reliably.

Customized systems and adapters

We would be happy to put together a VME system according to your requirements. Suitable adapters for the reliable connection of process I/Os and interfaces complete our portfolio.

VME boards and systems by setod

Product overview of VMEbus products


The VME-CAN4 is an intelligent board and includes on a VMEbus 6U board 4 complete, independent CAN interfaces to the VMEbus and needs one slot. Intelligent Control - Each interface is equipped with its own micro controller of type 68331 at 20 MHz clock frequency. Each micro controller has a working memory of 256 kbytes available.

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The VME-DAC1612 is a VMEbus interface board for 16 analog output signals. Select output voltage ranges from 0...+5 V, 0...+10 V, ±5 V or ±10 V.

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VME-AIO16 is an intelligent VME board, containing 6 or 16 analog differential inputs and is ideally suited for fast and flexible data acquisition. It includes all necessary components on a VMEbus 6U board.

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VME-DPIO32/63140 contains 32 optoisolated digital process IOs programmable in 8 groups as inputs or outputs. The pulse processor HD63140 offers PWM outputs.

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The VME-PMC-CADDY is a VME-base board which can carry up to 2 PMC modules. High Bandwidth Connection between VME and PCI with a powerful UNIVERSE CA91C142 VME-PCI bridge

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